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    Version 16

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    This is version 16 of the unfoldingWord® Translation Words Links. Download the TSV source below and see the README file for more information about the project.

    Note that as of the date of these initial publications, the tX preview (accessed via the Preview button above) has not yet been updated to display this resource in an easily viewable way.

    This version has a number of small fixes to all books. This release complements the Book Packages complete: 2 Thessalonians (2TH)

    Book Package Consistency Check

    The following books have undergone a Book Package consistency check:

    • Exodus (EXO)
    • Ruth (RUT)
    • Ezra (EZR)
    • Nehemiah (NEH)
    • Esther (EST)
    • Obadiah (OBA)
    • Jonah (JON)
    • Luke (LUK)
    • John (JHN)
    • Ephesians (EPH)
    • Philippians (PHP)
    • Colossians (COL)
    • 1 Thessalonians (1TH)
    • 2 Thessalonians (2TH)
    • 1 Timothy (1TI)
    • 2 Timothy (2TI)
    • Titus (TIT)
    • James (JAS)
    • 1 Peter (1PE)
    • 2 Peter (2PE)
    • 1 John (1JN)
    • 2 John (2JN)
    • 3 John (3JN)
    • Jude (JUD)


    See v15...v16 for a complete changelog.