Door43 Content Service (DCS) is an online repository for open-licensed Biblical content in any language.

DCS is an open project that is managed by unfoldingWord and many volunteers.

Get Started

First register for a Door43 account. This account can both be used here on DCS and in apps that connect to DCS.

If you are a translator, we suggest you start working in translationStudio, Autographa, or translationCore.

To learn how to translate, check, publish, and use our tools, check out translationAcademy or view the DCS knowledgebase articles.


If you have questions, you can post them on the #helpdesk channel in Slack (see below) or email

The Door43 community uses Slack to communicate. When you join Team43 on Slack, you can collaborate with other translators, share your ideas, and find help for your translation, checking, publishing, and technology needs.

Conversion to Door43

Every change made in DCS automatically creates a web page on Door43.

DCS to Door43 Conversion

Browse for your content on Door43, or use the "See on Door43" link at the top of any DCS project.