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    Version 27

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    This is version 27 of unfoldingWord® Translation Academy. Download the Markdown source and PDFs below or get PDFs from https://www.unfoldingword.org/uta/. See the README file for more information about the project.

    This version has a number of small fixes to all books. This release complements the Book Packages complete: 1 Thessalonians (1TH)

    Note that you can see this resource on Door43, in translationStudio, or in translationCore.

    Book Package Consistency Check

    The following books have undergone a Book Package consistency check:

    • Ruth (RUT)
    • Ezra (EZR)
    • Nehemiah (NEH)
    • Esther (EST)
    • Obadiah (OBA)
    • Jonah (JON)
    • Luke (LUK)
    • Ephesians (EPH)
    • Philippians (PHP)
    • Colossians (COL)
    • 1 Thessalonians (1TH)
    • 1 Timothy (1TI)
    • 2 Timothy (2TI)
    • Titus (TIT)
    • Philemon (PHM)
    • James (JAS)
    • 2 Peter (2PE)
    • 1 John (1JN)
    • 2 John (2JN)
    • 3 John (3JN)
    • Jude (JUD)


    See v26...v27 for a complete changelog.