Links from Open Bible Stories (OBS) to Translation Words (TW)
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- 'This list was copied and not necessarily correct for this resource'
- 'Door43 World Missions Community'
- 'Jesse Griffin (BA Biblical Studies, Liberty University; MA Biblical Languages, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)'
- 'Perry Oakes (BA Biblical Studies, Taylor University; MA Theology, Fuller Seminary; MA Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington; PhD Old Testament, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)'
- 'Larry Sallee (Th.M Dallas Theological Seminary, D.Min. Columbia Biblical Seminary)'
- 'Joel D. Ruark (M.A.Th. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Th.M. Stellenbosch University; Ph.D. Candidate in Old Testament Studies, Stellenbosch University)'
creator: 'Door43 World Missions Community'
description: 'Open-licensed exegetical notes that provide historical, cultural, and linguistic information for translators. It provides translators and checkers with pertinent, just-in-time information to help them make the best possible translation decisions.'
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