en_tn v40
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unfoldingWord® Translation Notes

最后更新于 10 分钟前

unfoldingWord® Greek Lexicon

最后更新于 1 天前

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unfoldingWord® Literal Text (formerly ULB)

最后更新于 2 天前

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unfoldingWord® Translation Words

最后更新于 3 天前

unfoldingWord® Hebrew Bible

最后更新于 3 天前

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unfoldingWord® Simplified Text (formerly UDB)

最后更新于 4 天前

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unfoldingWord® Translation Questions (soon-to-be-deprecated individual markdown file format)

最后更新于 6 天前

Links from the original languages to Translation Words. Previously the links in UHB and UGNT were used (but that didn't enable them to be customized for Gateway Languages).

最后更新于 6 天前

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unfoldingWord® Translation Academy

最后更新于 6 天前

Gateway Language Manual

最后更新于 1周前

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unfoldingWord® OBS Study Questions

最后更新于 1周前

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Study notes for English OBS

最后更新于 1周前

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unfoldingWord® Open Bible Stories Translation Notes

最后更新于 1周前

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unfoldingWord® Open Bible Stories

最后更新于 1周前

最后更新于 1周前