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Stem Poel
The Poel is a rare stem formation that is similar to the Piel and
expresses the same range of meanings.
The Poel :ref:`stem<stem>` is a variation of the :ref:`Piel<stem_piel>`
and has potential to express the same range of verbal action. The Poel
stem is formed from the Piel by a vowel change and is a :ref:`rare stem formation<stem-uncommon>`
in Biblical Hebrew.
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.. warning:: The Poel stem appears exactly the same as the Poal stem in all
conjugations; only the 3rd-person masculine singular forms are
.. csv-table:: Poel Perfect Paradigm
:header-rows: 1
masculine singular third person,הוֹלֵל,holel,he humiliated
feminine singular third person,הוֹלֲלָה,holalah,she humiliated
masculine singular second person,הוֹלַלְתָּ,holalta,you humiliated
feminine singular second person,הוֹלַלְתְּ,holalt,you humiliated
common singular first person,הוֹלַלְתִּי,holalti,I humiliated
common plural third person,הוֹלֲלוּ,holalu,they humiliated
masculine plural second person,הוֹלַלְתֶּם,holaltem,you humiliated
feminine plural second person,הוֹלַלְתֶּן,holalten,you humiliated
common plural first person,הוֹלַלְנוּ,holalnu,we humiliated
.. csv-table:: Poel Imperfect Paradigm
:header-rows: 1
masculine singular third person,יְהוֹלֵל,yeholel,he will humiliate
feminine singular third person,תְּהוֹלֵל,teholel,she will humiliate
masculine singular second person,תְּהוֹלֵל,teholel,you will humiliate
feminine singular second person,תְּהוֹלֲלִי,teholali,you will humiliate
common singular first person,אֲהוֹלֵל,'alholel,I will humiliate
masculine plural third person,יְהוֹלֲלוּ,yeholalu,they will humiliate
feminine plural third person,תְּהוֹלַלְנָה,teholalnah,they will humiliate
masculine plural second person,תְּהוֹלֲלוּ,teholalu,you will humiliate
feminine plural second person,תְּהוֹלַלְנָה,teholalnah,you will humiliate
common plural first person,נְהוֹלֵל,neholel,we will humiliate
.. csv-table:: Poel Participle Paradigm
:header-rows: 1
masculine singular absolute,מְהוֹלֵל,meholel,humiliating / he who humiliates
feminine singular absolute,מְהוֹלְלֶת / מְהוֹלְלָה,meholeleth / meholelah,humiliating / she who humiliates
masculine plural absolute,מְהוֹלְלִים,meholelim,humiliating / men who humiliate
feminine plural absolute,מְהוֹלְלוֹת,meholeloth,humiliating / women who humiliate
.. csv-table:: Example: ISA 40:24
אַ֛ף בַּל־\ **שֹׁרֵ֥שׁ** בָּאָ֖רֶץ גִּזְעָ֑ם
'af bal-\ **shoresh** ba'arets giz'am
even not\_\ **taken root** in-the-earth their-stem
their stem **has** barely **taken root** in the earth
The following form is a Poel :ref:`participle_active`.
.. csv-table:: Example: JOB 9:15
לִ֝מְשֹׁפְטִ֗י אֶתְחַנָּֽן׃
**limshofeti** 'ethhannan
**to-my-judge** I-will-plead-for-mercy
I could only plead for mercy **with my judge**