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.. _stem_poal:
Stem Poal
The Poal is a rare stem formation that is similar to the Pual. It
expresses the passive voice of the Poel stem.
The Poal :ref:`stem<stem>` is a variation of the :ref:`Pual<stem_pual>`
and expresses the :ref:`passive<stem-voice-passive>` voice of the verbal action of the :ref:`Poel<stem_poel>`.
The Poal stem is formed from the Pual by a vowel change. It is an
extremely :ref:`rare stem formation<stem-uncommon>` in Biblical Hebrew.
.. include:: includes/consult_dictionary.txt
.. warning:: The Poal stem appears exactly the same as the Poel stem in all
conjugations; only the 3rd-person masculine singular forms are
.. csv-table:: Poal Paradigm
:header-rows: 1
Perfect,masculine singular third person,הוֹלַל,holal,he is humiliated
Imperfect,masculine singular third person,יְהוֹלַל,yeholal,he will be humiliated
Participle,masculine singular absolute,מְהוֹלָל,meholal,being humiliated / he who is humiliated
.. csv-table:: Example: JER 12:2
נְטַעְתָּם֙ גַּם־שֹׁרָ֔שׁוּ
neta'tam gam-\ **shorashu**
you-plant-them also\_\ **they-took-root**
You planted them and **they took root**.