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  3. Stem Pealal
  4. ===========
  5. Summary
  6. -------
  7. The Pealal is a rare stem formation that is similar to the Piel and
  8. expresses the same range of meanings.
  9. Article
  10. -------
  11. The Pealal :ref:`stem<stem>` is a variation of the :ref:`Piel<stem_piel>`
  12. and has potential to express the same range of verbal action. The Pealal
  13. stem is formed from the Piel stem by simply repeating both the 2nd and
  14. 3rd radicals, thus making a verb that appears to have 5 consonants. It
  15. is an extremely :ref:`rare stem formation<stem-uncommon>` in Biblical Hebrew.
  16. .. include:: includes/consult_dictionary.txt
  17. In the following example, the root is סחר, and the 2nd and 3rd radicals
  18. repeat.
  19. .. csv-table:: Example: PSA 38:10 (PSA 38:11 in Hebrew)
  20. לִבִּ֣י **סְ֭חַרְחַר** עֲזָבַ֣נִי כֹחִ֑י
  21. libbi **seharhar** 'azavani khohi
  22. my-heart **pounds** it-fades my-strength
  23. "my heart pounds, my strength fades"