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Stem Palel
The Palel is a rare stem formation that is similar to the Piel and
expresses the same range of meanings.
The Palel :ref:`stem<stem>` is a variation of the :ref:`Piel<stem_piel>`
and has potential to express the same range of verbal action. It is the
same stem formation as the
only with a variant vowel pattern. The Palel stem is formed from the Piel
stem by repeating the 3rd radical (with different vowels), thus making a
verb that appears to have 4 consonants. It is an extremely :ref:`rare stem formation<stem-uncommon>`
in Biblical Hebrew. Many of the occurrences of the Palel stem in
the Hebrew Bible are from the root verb שָׁאַן ("to be at ease").
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.. csv-table:: Example: JER 48:11 –– the root is שאן, and the 3rd radical is repeated
שַׁאֲנַ֨ן מֹואָ֜ב מִנְּעוּרָ֗יו
**sha'anan** mow'av minne'urayw
**He-felt-secure** Moab from-its-youth.
Moab **has felt secure** since he was young.
.. csv-table:: Example: JOB 15:32 –– the root is רען, and the 3rd radical is repeated
וְ֝כִפָּת֗וֹ לֹ֣א רַעֲנָֽנָה
wekhippatho lo **ra'ananah**
and-his-branch not **will-be-green**
his branch **will** not **be green**