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.. _stem_hithpoel:
Stem Hithpoel
The Hithpoel is an extremely rare stem formation that is similar to the
Hithpael. It expresses the reflexive voice of the Poel stem.
The Hithpoel :ref:`stem<stem>` is a variation of the :ref:`Hithpael<stem_hithpael>` stem
and expresses the :ref:`reflexive<stem-voice-reflexive>` voice of the verbal action of the :ref:`Poel<stem_poel>` stem.
The Hithpoel stem is formed from the Hithpael stem by a vowel change. It
is an extremely :ref:`rare stem formation<stem-uncommon>` in Biblical Hebrew. It is recommended
to *always* consult a dictionary or lexicon for the precise nuance of
any verb in the Hithpoel stem.
.. note:: The Hithpoel stem conjugates exactly like the Poel stem, but with
the reflexive prefix (הִתְ) added.
.. csv-table:: Hithpoel Paradigm
:header-rows: 1
Perfect,masculine singular third person,הִתְהוֹלֵל,hithholel,he humiliated himself
Imperfect,masculine singular third person,יִתְהוֹלֵל,yithholel,he will humiliate himself
Participle,masculine singular third person,מִתְהוֹלֵל,mithholel,humiliating oneself / he who humiliates himself
.. csv-table:: Example: JER 46:8
מִצְרַ֨יִם֙ כַּיְאֹ֣ר יַֽעֲלֶ֔ה וְכַנְּהָרֹ֖ות **יִתְגֹּ֣עֲשׁוּ** מָ֑יִם
mitsrayim kay'or ya'aleh wekhanneharowth **yithgo'ashu** mayim
"Egypt like-the-Nile rises and-like-the-rivers
**going-back-and-forth** waters"
"Egypt rises like the Nile, like rivers of water that
**rise and fall**"