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Volunteer job description

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Volunteer job

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## Job Title
Content writers and editors for Bible study reference tools
## Location
The work can be done from anywhere you have a consistent Internet connection.
## Skills required
Bible study, exegesis, writing, proofreading, online collaboration, team work. Biblical language skills preferred by not required.
## Job description
As part of our efforts to provide tools for Bible translators, we are preparing a number of biblical reference materials. These are long-term projects which will require a very large number of volunteers.
We are seeking to provide a forum in which tools for biblical exegesis can be developed and published online and as an integral part of Bible translation software. We desire to produce high quality materials, and we hope to tap into the vast community of scholars, pastors, students and committed lay people who desire to serve the global church in this way. If you are interested in joining this community, please contact us and let us know of your interest.
## An ideal candidate is
A mature believer who has extensive experience in Bible study; has a heart for world missions and the edification of the global church; familiar with current biblical reference materials (including Study Bibles, commentaries, Greek and Hebrew texts, lexica and grammars depending on the project); works well with others as a team; can write clearly and is open to having their work edited and corrected; proficiency in typing; willing to learn new online programs and collaboration tools; follows directions well; pays attention to details; able to explain complicated concepts in simplified language; good interpersonal relationship skills; sticks to deadlines and can see a large project through to the end; serves not for monetary pay but for the spread of God's Word; has formal theological education.