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1016 B

reign, rule


The term to “reign” means to rule over the people of a particular country or kingdom. The reign of a king is the time period during which he is ruling.

  • The term “reign” is also used to refer to God reigning as king over the entire world.
  • God allowed human kings to reign over Israel after the people rejected him as their king.
  • When Jesus Christ returns, he will openly reign as king over the whole world, and Christians will reign with Him.
  • This term could also be translated as “absolute rule” or “rule as king.”

(See also: kingdom)

Bible References:

  • 2 Timothy 2:11-13
  • Genesis 36:34-36
  • Luke 1:30-33
  • Luke 19:26-27
  • Matthew 2:22-23

Word Data:

  • Strong’s: H3427, H4427, H4437, H4438, H4467, H4468, H4475, H4791, H4910, H6113, H7287, H7786, G07570, G09360, G22310, G48210