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obey, keep


The term “obey” means to do what has been commanded by a person or law. The term “obedient” describes someone who obeys. Sometimes a command prohibits doing something, as in “do not steal.” In this case, to “obey” means not to steal. In the Bible, often the term “keep” means “to obey.”

  • Usually the term “obey” is used in the context of obeying the commands or laws of a person in authority. For example, people obey laws which are created by the leaders of a country, kingdom, or other organization.
  • Children obey their parents, people obey God, and citizens obey the laws of their country.
  • When someone in authority commands people not to do something, they obey by not doing that.
  • Ways to translate obey could include a word or phrase that means “do what is commanded” or “follow orders” or “do what God says to do.”
  • The term “obedient” could be translated as “doing what was commanded” or “following orders” or “doing what God commands.”

(See also: citizen, command, disobey, kingdom, law)

Bible References:

  • Acts 5:32
  • Acts 6:7
  • Genesis 28:6-7
  • James 1:25
  • James 2:10
  • Luke 6:47
  • Matthew 7:26
  • Matthew 19:20-22
  • Matthew 28:20

Examples from the Bible stories:

  • 3:4 Noah obeyed God. He and his three sons built the boat just the way God had told them.
  • 5:6 Again Abraham obeyed God and prepared to sacrifice his son.
  • 5:10 “Because you (Abraham) have __obeyed __ me, all the families of the world will be blessed through your family”
  • 5:10 But the Egyptians did not believe God or obey his commands.
  • 13:7 If the people obeyed these laws, God promised that he would bless and protect them.

Word Data:

  • Strong’s: H1697, H2388, H3349, H4928, H6213, H7181, H8085, H8086, H8104, G01910, G39800, G39820, G50830, G50840, G52180, G52190, G52550, G52920, G52930, G54420