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sin, sinful, sinner, sinning


The term “sin” refers to actions, thoughts, and words that are against God’s will and laws. Sin can also refer to not doing something that God wants us to do.

  • Sin includes anything we do that does not obey or please God, even things that other people don’t know about.
  • Thoughts and actions that disobey God’s will are called “sinful.”
  • Because Adam sinned, all human beings are born with a “sinful nature,” a nature that that controls them and causes them to sin.
  • A “sinner” is someone who sins, so every human being is a sinner.
  • Sometimes the word “sinners” was used by religious people like the Pharisees to refer to people who didn’t keep the law as well as the Pharisees thought they should.
  • The term “sinner” was also used for people who were considered to be worse sinners than other people. For example, this label was given to tax collectors and prostitutes.

Translation Suggestions:

  • The term “sin” could be translated with a word or phrase that means “disobedience to God” or “going against God’s will” or “evil behavior and thoughts” or “wrongdoing.”
  • To “sin” could also be translated as to “disobey God” or to “do wrong.”
  • Depending on the context “sinful” could be translated as “full of wrongdoing” or “wicked” or “immoral” or “evil” or “rebelling against God.”
  • Depending on the context the term “sinner” could be translated with a word or phrase that means “person who sins” or “person who does wrong things” or “person who disobeys God” or “person who disobeys the law.”
  • The term “sinners” could be translated by a word or phrase that means “very sinful people” or “people considered to be very sinful” or “immoral people.”
  • Ways to translate “tax collectors and sinners” could include “people who collect money for the government, and other very sinful people” or “very sinful people, including (even) tax collectors.”
  • Make sure the translation of this term can include sinful behavior and thoughts, even those that other people don’t see or know about.
  • The term “sin” should be general, and different from the terms for “wickedness” and “evil.”

(See also: disobey, evil, flesh, tax collector)

Bible References:

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Examples from the Bible stories:

  • 3:15 God said, “I promise I will never again curse the ground because of the evil things people do, or destroy the world by causing a flood, even though people are sinful from the time they are children.”
  • 13:12 God was very angry with them because of their sin and planned to destroy them.
  • 20:1 The kingdoms of Israel and Judah both sinned against God. They broke the covenant that God made with them at Sinai.
  • 21:13 The prophets also said that the Messiah would be perfect, having no sin. He would die to receive the punishment for other people’s sin.
  • 35:1 One day, Jesus was teaching many tax collectors and other sinners who had gathered to hear him.
  • 38:5 Then Jesus took a cup and said, “Drink this. It is my blood of the New Covenant that is poured out for the forgiveness of sins.”
  • 43:11 Peter answered them, “Every one of you should repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ so that God will forgive your sins.”
  • 48:8 We all deserve to die for our sins!
  • 49:17 Even though you are a Christian, you will still be tempted to sin. But God is faithful and says that if you confess your sins, he will forgive you. He will give you strength to fight against sin.

Word Data:

  • Strong’s: H0817, H0819, H2398, H2399, H2400, H2401, H2402, H2403, H2408, H2409, H5771, H6588, H7683, H7686, G02640, G02650, G02660, G02680, G03610, G37810, G39000, G42580