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forgive, forgiven, forgiveness, pardon, pardoned


To forgive someone means to not hold a grudge against that person even though they did something hurtful. “Forgiveness” is the act of forgiving someone.

  • Forgiving someone often means not punishing that person for something he has done wrong.
  • This term can be used figuratively to mean “cancel,” as in the expression “forgive a debt.”
  • When people confess their sins, God forgives them based on Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross.
  • Jesus taught his disciples to forgive others as he has forgiven them.

The term “pardon” means to forgive and not punish someone for his sin.

  • This word has the same meaning as “forgive” but may also include the meaning of a formal decision to not punish someone who is guilty.
  • In a court of law, a judge can pardon a person found guilty of a crime.
  • Even though we are guilty of sin, Jesus Christ pardoned us from being punished in hell, based on his sacrificial death on the cross.

Translation Suggestions:

  • Depending on the context, “forgive” could be translated as “pardon” or “cancel” or “release” or “not hold against” (someone).
  • The term “forgiveness” could be translated by a word or phrase that means “practice of not resenting” or “declaring (someone) as not guilty” or “the act of pardoning.”
  • If the language has a word for a formal decision to forgive, that word could be used to translate “pardon.”

(See also: guilt)

Bible References:

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Examples from the Bible stories:

  • 7:10 But Esau had already forgiven Jacob, and they were happy to see each other again.
  • 13:15 Then Moses climbed the mountain again and prayed that God would forgive the people. God listened to Moses and forgave them.
  • 17:13 David repented of his sin and God forgave him.
  • 21:5 In the New Covenant, God would write his law on the people’s hearts, the people would know God personally, they would be his people, and God would forgive their sins.
  • 29:1 One day Peter asked Jesus, “Master, how many times should I forgive my brother when he sins against me?”
  • 29:8 I forgave your debt because you begged me.
  • 38:5 Then Jesus took a cup and said, “Drink this. It is my blood of the New Covenant that is poured out for the forgiveness of sins.”

Word Data:

  • H5546, H5547, H3722, H5375, H5545, H5547, H7521, G85900, G86300, G54830