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evil, wicked, unpleasant


In the Bible, the term “evil” can refer either to the concept of moral wickedness or emotional unpleasantness. The context will usually make it clear which meaning is intended in the specific instance of the term.

  • While “evil” may describe a person’s character, “wicked” may refer more to a person’s behavior. However, both terms are very similar in meaning.
  • The term “wickedness” refers to the state of being that exists when people do wicked things.
  • The results of evil are clearly shown in how people mistreat others by killing, stealing, slandering and being cruel and unkind.

Translation Suggestions:

  • Depending on the context, the terms “evil” and “wicked” can be translated as “bad” or “sinful” or “immoral.”
  • Other ways to translate these could include “not good” or “not righteous” or “not moral.”
  • Make sure the words or phrases that are used to translate these terms fit the context that is natural in the target language.

(See also: disobey, sin, good, righteous, demon)

Bible References:

  • 1 Samuel 24:11
  • 1 Timothy 6:10
  • 3 John 1:10
  • Genesis 2:17
  • Genesis 6:5-6
  • Job 1:1
  • Job 8:20
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Examples from the Bible stories:

  • 2:4 “God just knows that as soon as you eat it, you will be like God and will understand good and evil like he does.”
  • 3:1 After a long time, many people were living in the world. They had become very wicked and violent.
  • 3:2 But Noah found favor with God. He was a righteous man living among wicked people.
  • 4:2 God saw that if they all kept working together to do evil, they could do many more sinful things.
  • 8:12 “You tried to do evil when you sold me as a slave, but God used the evil for good!”
  • 14:2 They (Canaanites) worshiped false gods and did many evil things.
  • 17:1 But then he (Saul) became a wicked man who did not obey God, so God chose a different man who would one day be king in his place.
  • 18:11 In the new kingdom of Israel, all the kings were evil.
  • 29:8 The king was so angry that he threw the wicked servant into prison until he could pay back all of his debt.
  • 45:2 They said, “We heard him (Stephen) speak evil things about Moses and God!”
  • 50:17 He (Jesus) will wipe away every tear and there will be no more suffering, sadness, crying, evil, pain, or death.

Word Data:

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