• Version 24

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    This is version 24 of the unfoldingWord® Translation Questions for the Bible. Download the Resource Container source files below or get PDFs from https://www.unfoldingword.org/utq/.

    This first TSV release is exactly the same content as the v23 markdown version. This TSV format is only available in CatalogNext (see the Catalog button above.

    Note that you can see this resource on Door43 but look for v23 in translationStudio (which uses Door43-Catalog v2).

    Book Package Consistency Check

    The following books have undergone a Book Package consistency check:

    • Ruth
    • Ezra (still being checked)
    • Nehemiah
    • Esther
    • Jonah
    • Ephesians
    • 1 Timothy
    • 2 Timothy (still being checked)
    • Titus
    • 1 John (still being checked)
    • 2 John (still being checked)
    • 3 John

    See v23...v24 for a complete changelog.