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Connecting Statement:

Peter continues his speech to the Jews that he began in Acts 3:12.

whom you delivered up

"Delivered" here is a metaphor for "take" or "bring." TA: "whom you brought to Pilate" or "whom you gave to Pilate." (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-metaphor).

rejected before the face of Pilate

Here the phrase "before the face of" means "in the presence of." AT: "rejected in Pilate's presence" (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-idiom)

when he had decided to release him

"when Pilate had decided to release Jesus"

for a murderer to be released to you

This can be stated in active form. AT: "for Pilate to release a murderer" (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-activepassive)


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