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Christ was chosen

This can be stated in active form. AT: "God chose Christ" (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-activepassive)

before the foundation of the world

You can translate this with a verbal phrase. AT: "before God created the world" (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-abstractnouns)

he has been revealed to you

This can be stated in active form. AT: "God has revealed him to you" (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-activepassive)

he has been revealed to you

Peter does not mean that his readers actually saw Christ, but that they learned the truth about him. (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-metaphor)

who raised him from the dead ones

"Raised" here is an idiom for "caused to live again" AT: "whom God caused to live again" (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-idiom)

and gave him glory

"and glorified him" or "and showed that he is glorious" (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-abstractnouns)


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