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  • See: en:ta:vol1:translate:translate_names
  • Following were the places assigned to Aaron’s descendants. For the clans of the Kohathites (theirs was the first assigned by throwing lots) - AT: “These are the places where Aaron’s descendants, the clans of the Kohathites, lived (lots were cast to determine where they would live)”
  • Kohathites - See how you translated this in :en:bible:notes:1ch:06:33.
  • They were assigned Hebron - AT: “They went to live in Hebron”
  • But the fields of the city, and the surrounding villages were given Caleb son of Jephunneh - AT: “Caleb and his family went to live in the fields of Hebron and the surrounding villages”
  • pasturelands - This is a grassy land where animals eat.