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  • en:tw:azariah
  • en:tw:captive
  • en:tw:exile
  • en:tw:hand
  • en:tw:judah
  • en:tw:nebuchadnezzar
  • en:tw:yahweh


  • Hilkiah…Seraiah…Jehozadak - These are the names of men. (See: :en:ta:vol1:translate:translate_names)
  • exiled Judah and Jerusalem by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar - The power Nebuchadnezzar has through his army is described as the part of his body (“hand”) he uses to direct his army. AT: “allowed Nebuchadnezzar’s army to defeat the armies of Judah and Jerusalem and take the people into captivity” (See: :en:ta:vol2:translate:figs_synecdoche)