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17.md 816B

General Information:

The information in 1 Chronicles 4:17-18 has been rearranged so its meaning can be more easily understood. (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/translate-versebridge)

Ezrah … Jether … Mered … Epher … Jalon … Miriam … Shammai … Ishbah … Eshtemoa … Jered … Gedor … Heber … Soko … Jekuthiel … Zanoah

These are the names of men. (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/translate-names)

These were the sons of Bithiah

The word “these” refers to Miriam, Shammai, and Ishbah. They were the sons Bithiah bore for her husband Mered.


This is the name of a woman.

Mered’s Judahite wife

The Hebrew text says, “His Judahite wife,” but most versions understand “his” to refer to Mered. This refers to a different wife of Mered, in addition to Bithiah.