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the courtyard (which is the government headquarters)

This was where the Roman soldiers in Jerusalem lived, and where the governor stayed when he was in Jerusalem. AT: "the courtyard of the soldiers' barracks" or "the courtyard of the governor's residence"

the whole cohort of soldiers

"the whole unit of soldiers"

They put a purple robe on Jesus

Purple was a color worn by royalty. The soldiers did not believe that Jesus was king. They clothed him this way to mock him because others said that he was the King of the Jews.

a crown of thorns

"a crown made of thorny branches"

Hail, King of the Jews

The greeting "Hail" with a raised hand was only used to greet the Roman emperor. The soldiers did not believe that Jesus was the king of the Jews. Rather they said this to mock him. (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-irony)


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