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946 B

Genesis 47 General Notes

Special concepts in this chapter

Abrahamic covenant

Part of the Abrahamic covenant was that Yahweh would bless those who bless Abraham's descendants. Since Pharaoh cared for the Hebrew people, Yahweh blessed the Egyptians while the Hebrew people lived in Egypt. The Hebrew people also multiplied greatly as this covenant promised. (See: rc://en/tw/dict/bible/kt/covenant, rc://en/tw/dict/bible/kt/bless and rc://en/tw/dict/bible/kt/promise)

Jacob was not buried in Egypt

In the ancient Near east, a person was typically buried in their hometown. Since Egypt was not the Israelites' home, Jacob did not wish to be buried in Egypt. This was a lesson to the Israelites that Canaan was their true home, the promised land. (See: rc://en/tw/dict/bible/kt/promisedland)

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