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868 B

please show kindness to me

"please be kind to me"

Mention me to Pharaoh and bring me out of this prison

Joseph means for the cupbearer to tell Pharaoh about him so that Pharaoh will release him from prison. AT: "Help me get out of this prison by telling Pharaoh about me" (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-explicit)

For indeed I was abducted

This can be stated in active form. AT: "For indeed people took me" or "For indeed the Ishmaelites took me" (See: rc://en/ta/man/translate/figs-activepassive)

the land of the Hebrews

"the land where the Hebrew people live"

Here also have I done nothing that they should put me in this dungeon

"and also while I have been here in Egypt, I have done nothing for which I deserved to be put in prison"


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