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1 Samuel 14 General Notes

Structure and formatting

This chapter completes the story of Jonathan’s victory over the Philistines.

Special concepts in this chapter

The battle against the Philistines

Jonathan took his armor bearer to where the Philistines were on the top of the hill. He said God could use a few people just as easily as he could use many people to win his battles. He and his armor bearer started killing the Philistines, and suddenly the Philistines began fighting each other or running away. The rest of Israel, who had hidden, came and chased the Philistines. Even though Israel had a king, God was still in control of the nation of Israel.

Important figures of speech in this chapter

Special reference

The people of Israel often used the term “uncircumcised” to refer to Gentiles. Here it is used to mean the Philistines. (See: rc://en/tw/dict/bible/kt/uncircumcised)

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