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  Henry Whitney f8134f1067 Fixed badly formatted tNs. 2 years ago
  John Hutchins ab107f19d1 NFW changes 2 years ago
  John Hutchins 466d47194b NFW changes 2 years ago
  Henry Whitney c3e1d42f2c Dealing with mismatches produced by ULB revisions. 2 years ago
  Henry Whitney bcb0bcf57c Relinking after change of directories. 2 years ago
  Richard Mahn 7482de619a Moves navigation of into out of bullet list 2 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 0ae46a0dfa Updated links to tWs that recently moved 2 years ago
  Joel 52193dd79e added tw to notes 2 years ago
  Joel 67977d7e9a initial v6 rc conversion 2 years ago
  Joel 2956458d6b added v2 tn converted to an rc 2 years ago
  Joel d89e16dbae added v1 tn converted to an rc 2 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 27cf5c5e0d Changes for tN version 2 4 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 37839eda87 Initial commit of translationNotes 4 years ago