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  Perry J Oakes 2c9f1eb774 add abstract noun Notes to Tit 1:1 (#1389) 5 days ago
  Joel D. Ruark d21058c22c Fix error in tNote [OBA] (#1388) 1 week ago
  Larry Sallee 67481d3418 Edit Ephesians for BP (#1387) 1 week ago
  Joel D. Ruark 40a2a50cbb Obadiah UTN (#1386) 2 weeks ago
  Joel D. Ruark 4fbf0fc8fd Correct Hebrew snippet errors (#1385) 2 weeks ago
  Larry Sallee 0498de740e Update Ephesians notes for BP (#1384) 2 weeks ago
  Larry Sallee eb87ffb179 Fix format errors found by TX (#1383) 3 weeks ago
  Larry Sallee 1682b52a59 Fixed format errors found by TX (#1382) 3 weeks ago
  Larry Sallee 66705b8ac3 Fix format errors that TX found (#1381) 3 weeks ago
  Larry Sallee c5d220a24e Corrected Greek snippet errors found by TX (#1380) 3 weeks ago
  Larry Sallee a06740bc2c Remove stray breaks (<br>) after intros (#1379) 3 weeks ago
  Perry J Oakes f17d24993e fix Note at 2:1 (#1378) 4 weeks ago
  Larry Sallee 1ea6dabae1 Restored references to UST in Titus (#1377) 1 month ago
  Perry J Oakes dc5ac15f52 remove hendiadys link from Tit 3:3 (#1376) 1 month ago
  Larry Sallee 5e668ffc38 Corrected stray formatting errors caught by tX. (#1375) 1 month ago
  Larry Sallee 4c6b6134f1 Fix missing ID's in Acts (#1374) 1 month ago
  Larry Sallee 5a69f5d81e Fixed typo in Titus note link (#1373) 1 month ago
  Larry Sallee f379cedd5c Remove problematic UST links in Titus notes (#1372) 1 month ago
  Larry Sallee f690650615 Corrected typos and minor errors in Titus notes (#1371) 1 month ago
  Joel D. Ruark d996994076 Fix UHB snippet in JON 1:2 (#1369) 1 month ago
  Larry Sallee 655fd5c17f Close parentheses used to label possible meanings. (#1367) 1 month ago
  Larry Sallee 3bfc1b280a Update Acts note during BP process (#1366) 1 month ago
  Jesse Griffin 1d4f4e11ac fixed syntax errors in Jonah 2 months ago
  Jesse Griffin 460766a3e5 Update for version 28 2 months ago
  Jesse Griffin 72fec30531 fixed missing book name 2 months ago
  Jesse Griffin 39ac5350ea Fixed snippet in Jonah 2 months ago
  Jesse Griffin 629c668d36 Fixed snippets and one id duplicate in Jonah 2 months ago
  Jesse Griffin 4b825394d7 Syntax fixes and prep for version 27 2 months ago
  Joel D. Ruark 4bda1f8b3a Final UTN document [JON] (#1365) 2 months ago
  Joel D. Ruark ad73535bc7 Update ULT snippets 'en_tn_32-JON.tsv' (#1364) 2 months ago
  Joel D. Ruark 321bb548e8 Correct UTN text quotes from ULT (#1363) 2 months ago
  Joel D. Ruark e52c01cb9d Fix stray errors and typos (#1362) 2 months ago
  Joel D. Ruark 2fd0f6bd21 UTN Review for Jonah (Joel and Perry) (#1357) 2 months ago
  Larry Sallee a7130d265a Fix missing intro for 2Ch 30 (#1361) 3 months ago
  Larry Sallee 06957b8b9f Corrected incorrect category `writing_background` (#1359) 3 months ago
  Perry J Oakes bf4457080f small fixes to Titus tN (#1356) 3 months ago
  Perry J Oakes 322f3a698f fix 2 Notes in Titus (#1355) 3 months ago
  Joel D. Ruark 74e9573d61 Correct article reference in line 56 (#1354) 3 months ago
  Jesse Griffin dfb2700fb8 Version 26 3 months ago
  Robert Hunt c9378e5cfe RJH_fix_Ruth_snippets (#1353) 3 months ago
  Jesse Griffin cac6c4ab96 Fixed UTA references in Ruth 3 months ago
  Jesse Griffin be80c17cc9 Fixed formatting in Titus and 3 John notes (#1352) 3 months ago
  Jesse Griffin 85a02c423d Fixed Ruth snippet mismatches (#1351) 3 months ago
  Joel D. Ruark 65d90d0b3e Make final corrections before publish [RUT] (#1350) 3 months ago
  Larry Sallee 09051de504 Edit 3Jn notes (#1348) 3 months ago
  Larry Sallee 3be4cab075 Correct conflicting edits to 3Jn (#1347) 3 months ago
  Jesse Griffin c241e5753c Manifest updates for version 24 3 months ago
  Larry Sallee 1991eeede2 Update Titus notes for BP (#1346) 3 months ago
  Joel D. Ruark fde70107e9 Finalize tNotes for Ruth BP (#1345) 3 months ago
  Richard Mahn 329879c0a0 Fixes -1 in Occurrence (#1344) 3 months ago