unfoldingWord® Translation Academy https://unfoldingword.org/uta/
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How to Get Answers

There are several resources available for finding answers to questions:

  • unfoldingWord® Translation Academy — This training manual is available at https://ufw.io/ta and has much information including:
    • Introduction — introduces this resource, the Gateway Languages strategy, and translation
    • Process Manual — answers the question “what next?”
    • Translation Manual — explains the basics of translation theory and provides practical translation helps
    • Checking Manual — explains the basics of checking theory and best practices
  • Door43 Slack — Join the Door43 community, post your questions to the “#helpdesk” channel, and get real-time answers to your questions (sign up at https://ufw.io/door43)
  • Door43 Forum — A place to ask questions and get answers to technical, strategic, translation, and checking issues, https://forum.door43.org/
  • Helpdesk — email help@door43.org with your questions