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## Request Process
**If you have a Gateway Language that is ready to become a source text, [please fill out this form](** You will need a Door43 account to create a request, if you do not have one, please [sign up here](
**Please feel free to use the [instructions](** To use the instructions:
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Position the instructions in one window alongside another window that has the form.
If you are looking for more information about publishing, please see the [Publishing Section of the tA Process Manual](
## Approval Process
### Roles Involved
* Approver: Person assigned from unfoldingWord to review and approve requests
* Content Tech: Person who helps requestor format their content appropriately
* Publisher: Person who actually publishes the request into the catalog
### Approver Process
The Approver will review the requests and do one of the following:
* Approve the request. He will assign the "Approved" label to the request and assign Content Tech as the owner.
* Request more information. If there are documents or information missing then the Approver will assign the "Missing Agreements" label and write a comment on the Request to let the requestor know what the problem is.
The Help Desk may help with this process if needed by the Approver.
### Content Tech Process
Once the Content Tech receives the ticket, he or she will review the formatting of the data to make sure there are no errors and will fix them if needed. The project will be forked or copied into the [STR organization]( so that the whole publishing team can make formatting and metadata updates as needed.
If the Content Tech cannot make the necessary changes then he or she will label the request as "Content Format Issue" and let the requester know what needs to be changed before publishing can continue.
Once the project is ready, the Content Tech will comment on the initial request to let the Publisher know that the content is ready for publishing. He or she will also label the request as "Ready" and assign it to the Publisher.
### Publisher Process
Once the Publisher has been assigned the ticket, he or she will double check the manifest information and the content formatting. Then the following steps will take place:
* The project will be moved into the [Door43-Catalog organization](
* The STR project will be deleted
* The Door43-Catalog project will be forked to the STR organization for future updates
At this point the Publisher will comment on the request to let the requester know that the content should be available in the catalog soon. The publisher will apply the "Published" label and close the request.