English Open Bible Stories
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Open Bible Stories

an unrestricted visual mini-Bible in any language

OBS Image


Open Bible Stories is 50 key stories of the Bible, from Creation to Revelation, for evangelism & discipleship, in text, audio, and video, on any mobile phone, in any language, for free.

Open Bible Stories is developed by Distant Shores Media, Wycliffe Associates, and the Door43 World Missions Community. The illustrations are © Sweet Publishing and the entire project—text and illustrations—is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, see the LICENSE file for more information.


Below are some download links for various building blocks for Open Bible Stories if you want to use them for your project. For the officially released version, you should check the English Open Bible Stories page on unfoldingWord.


Audio Recording

Video Clips

You can also view all the English videos on YouTube.

Source Text

We recommend that you use translatioStudio to translate Open Bible Stories. However, you may also fork this repository or download a zip archive of the latest version on the Releases page.


You may also be interested in OBS translationNotes, OBS translationQuestions, and/or translationWords.


If you would like to see the original Open Bible Stories pages in DokuWiki, you may visit https://dw.door43.org/en/obs.