Overview of English Unlocked Bible Notes
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English Unlocked Study Bible Notes

This is an overview repository for the English Unlocked Bible Notes project.

See the Unlocked Bible Notes Team Information for information about contributing.






Unlocked Bible Notes (UBN)

While the English-speaking world enjoys a wealth of choices in Study Bibles, this is a luxury unknown in most of the developing world. We seek to develop a Study Bible which is free and open (CC BY-SA) and can be translated into any language in the world where the church desires it. With that purpose in mind, the UBN will have the following guidelines:

  • We will draw inspiration from well-respected standard Study Bibles which are available in English.

  • To prevent plagiarism and to encourage well-roundedness, each person writing study notes will first research at least 5 Study Bibles (preferably more). The Project Coordinator will provide a list of specific Study Bibles from which the volunteer can choose (see Wiki for UBN Recommended References to Consult)

  • The Study Bible notes will be tagged to show what level they are aimed for.

  • We will seek to emphasize major evangelical doctrines as expressed in our Statement of Faith ( https://unfoldingword.org/faith/ ).

  • Notes will be written in a way that can be easily understood by non-native English speakers and which will translate clearly.

  • Requirements for contributors to the Unlocked Bible Notes:

    Agreement with our Statement of Faith: https://unfoldingword.org/faith/

    Agreement with Translation Guidelines: https://unfoldingword.org/guidelines/

    Agreement that your work will be released under a CC BY-SA ( https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ ). See https://unfoldingword.org/license/

    Must be a mature Christian who is comfortable using, comparing and evaluating the merits of various study Bibles.

  • Preferences (though not required):

    Attendance at workshop for training (5 days/1 week) how to write study notes

    Access to a library of 5-15 Study Bibles

  • The Project Coordinator will provide volunteers with sample pages as examples for the study notes.

  • For more information contact Jim Pohlig.