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  Christopher Klapp bbfc1d38c9 Update '66-JUD.usfm' 1 year ago
  Christopher Klapp 0231e83d57 Update '66-JUD.usfm' 1 year ago
  Christopher Klapp 3e526ea96f Update '66-JUD.usfm' 1 year ago
  Jesse Griffin 6a6a2275b9 version 0.10 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 2fd405facd Corrected bad tW link format in Rom and Eph (#159) 2 years ago
  Jesse Griffin c13c7fa589 prep for publishing 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 69478b8734 Update for Titus UST tW check (#158) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee f98d223b63 Edit Titus as result of tW check (#157) 2 years ago
  Jesse Griffin aeb2706a98 Version 0.8 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 92f946861e remove stray quote marks (#154) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 42a48a3d10 Fix closing milestone tag punctuation (#153) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee f27cce4feb Move punctuation inside closing milestones to eliminate extraneous space (#152) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 5b84a18ef5 Remove quotation marks (#151) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 3bfb91dd55 Remove quote marks (#150) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee ef1082a472 Fixed Rom 7:25 punctuation error (#149) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 2b126a681b fix incorrect tW tags (#148) 2 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 531bb8badb publishing_prep (#142) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 8bdbe728bd Move quote mark (#141) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 20343b1cd5 Format disputed verses (#140) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 16415561c4 Fix incorrect milestone (#138) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 6af5b2b63a Fix tW link (#137) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 8b686ff13f Restore open k-markers (#136) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 8abbd522e2 Move opening parentheses to proper positions (#135) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee e0eed8a97f Add missing "ascriptive" type to adjectives (#134) 2 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 3a23a3c7a7 License, manifest, readme verbiage updates (#129) 2 years ago
  Jesse Griffin c885d18747 Update headers (#133) 2 years ago
  Jesse Griffin a8e99f4b9e Including updates from upstream bhp as of today (#132) 2 years ago
  Larry Sallee 0673821f1d Corrected paragraph marker position and misplaced opening parentheses (#131) 2 years ago
  AndyHubert 10c291a2e1 morph fixes (primarily to footnoted text) + acute accent encoding fix (footnotes only) (#123) 2 years ago
  Jesse Griffin dd574e51e7 Removed note about 2 Cor 13:14 being included (#119) 3 years ago
  Larry Sallee 9ce7a56a15 Fixed missing commas in morph (#112) 3 years ago
  Larry Sallee fc1d756175 Fixed invalid tW links that Rich found (#111) 3 years ago
  Richard Mahn ad988d7db9 Fix - Change smart quotes to straight quotes (#109) 3 years ago
  Larry Sallee d98502147e Added missing quote mark at end of verse 18 (#108) 3 years ago
  Larry Sallee 12f43fcead Corrected issues in ULT and UGNT queue (#107) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 812ac95d32 Fixed typo in link to tW (#104) 3 years ago
  Larry Sallee 71ebf5e9d4 Added YahwehofHosts tags in Rom 9:29 and Jas 5:4 (#102) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin debf75c06a Updates for 0.4 publishing (#101) 3 years ago
  Larry Sallee e57857d004 Recombine 13:12-13 into one verse (#100) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 6a35be9033 Version 0.3 manifest updates (#99) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin d21526fbf6 Fixed versification in 2 Cor 13:12-14 (#98) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 6b43add42d Fix Verse split at Acts 19:40/41 (#97) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 279c019011 updated name and attribution link (#75) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 9b04d39d90 Updates for 0.2 publishing (#74) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 892d00b381 Missing word fixes from upstream (#72) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 3d5ce12da7 Clarified the language and format of the whole verse additions section (#71) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin bd4ead20a6 Updates for release 0.1 (#70) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 656a83729e Fixed #47 - fixed capitilization (#68) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin 0f8f20cbe8 Fixes #56 - correct strong's number (#69) 3 years ago
  Jesse Griffin ceec2bcb77 Fixes issue 43 - removed extraneous p markers (#67) 3 years ago